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I have a problem with Spn!Hogwarts AU and Ravenclaw!Sam


girls dont want you to be nice to them because they’re girls they want you to be nice to them because they’re human beings and you should be nice to everyone wtf is wrong with you


dog days are over // florence + the machine

she hid around corners and she hid under beds
she killed it with kisses and from it she fled
with every bubble she sank with her drink
and washed it away down the kitchen sink

Emma Stone hard at work earlier today as she filmed scenes with her co-star Joaquin Phoenix at a local park in Newport, Rhode Island on July 28th, 2014.

"You’re a wizard, Harry."

"I’m a…what?"

favorite character meme

four/five episodes - 5x22


Who I was, what I did, that’s not who I am.
I’m sorry. I’m no leader.- Castiel

(season 9 / Captives)

Hi, I’m Tate. I’m dead.


Stiles and pixie dust fireflies

FeaturePoints and Payments. || Play with your phone, get paid.


Please, read.
A lot of people asked me this so I’m gonna explain how Feature Points works and what it is.
Here’s the (very) easy answer: you get free apps or gift cards (iTunes gift cards or Amazon gift cards) and you can even get money paid into a PayPal account. 

I want this! Well, then you have to
• visit www.featurepoints.com or http://featu.re/40X84N via your iPhone or Android phone. 
• put in the referral code: 40X84N so you’ll get 50 points to start.

Then? How does it work?
All you have to do is download the apps you find (they are all free) and play them until the tutorial is over (or stay on the app for one minute clicking around) and they’ll reward you with points (you can, of course, delete the apps once you’ve been given the points!) And that’s it.
You basically get free things just messing around on applications and a way to spend long amount of time in between things to do. Or you can just press buttons while you’re doing something else because it really requires no effort. This works (and it is not a scam) because apps developers pay money to have their app featured on featurepoints and it’s just clever marketing. They get all these downloads and you get points to turn into something else. My plan, for example, is to get money paid into a PayPal account and you can do the same or choose whatever you like.
How does the PayPal thing work? If you have an account (and most people do, really, because PayPal it’s just useful and easy) you enter your PayPal email and it’s done: they will transfer you the amount of money you choose based on how many points you made.
But you can get more things! Amazon gift cards are, for example, very nice if you, like me, live on books. Basically everything else just to play with your phone when you have nothing else to do.

Dane DeHaan at AOL headquarters for BUILD Speaker Series (July 30, 2014)